UCLA Magazine covers the amazing place that is UCLA and its impact on the larger world around it. For the first time ever, the January 2016 issue will be based on a special theme: the brain. The articles explore remarkable advances that are fueling the greatest era of neuroscience in history. At the forefront of this brave new world: hundreds of UCLA faculty are working on brain science across campus. To integrate the contents of the magazine to the theme, a special editorial design layout needed to be developed, including the cover design. In addition, the editor mandated that no photographs of the brain be used.


Ideas for the most part, are subjective. Some are good. Some are bad. Some resonate with clients. Some don’t. Some get revised. Some look very different once they go into production. Like all projects that have ever been undertaken, there will always be some ideas that will never make it past the drawing board. Below are some of the concepts that didn’t make it, but they can still inspire the imagination.
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