Launched in 2012, UCLA’s advertising campaign featured notable Bruins, highlighting their accomplishments that made a difference with the belief that anything is possible. Called the “Optimists” campaign, the messaging has remained relatively unchanged for the past seven years. With the advent of UCLA’s 100 year anniversary, the time was right to unveil a new, updated message and transition the brand campaign to effectively communicate the positive impact UCLA has on making the world a better place. The new campaign needed to be rooted in UCLA’s mission of research, education and service. It needed to highlight society’s most pressing challenges and how UCLA programs and research are developing solutions for them. Knowledge discussed in the classroom, plays a fundamental role in solving the biggest issues of our times. How do we show the power of knowledge? By showing knowledge is our path forward. This television commercial shows how knowledge empowers us to overcome obstacles, change minds and attitudes, realize our dreams and create a brighter tomorrow.
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